A bit of history about MASH…

The charity MASH (Mutual Aid & Self Help) was set up in 2003 by Pat Holman, a recovering user of the mental health service, who (as part of her care plan) wished to initially have a table top sale at the local Town Hall then the idea grew into setting up a charity shop near Castle Circus.

As well as providing reasonably priced bric-a-brac to the public, she also wished to give ‘necessities for living’ to people coming out of long term care, as she had noticed in the past there was no such help.

The charity became well established with the help of health professionals, volunteers and people working in the public sector. Also local and national organisations helped fund the project.  The charity has always welcomed volunteers from different backgrounds mainly users of the mental health service as Pat wished to offer opportunities to these people to learn new skills and avoid social isolation. Volunteering with MASH has proven to many over the years as a springboard to employment.

The charity soon evolved collecting furniture and other household essentials and taking it to people/families in crisis situation, and a warehouse nearby to store items to meet the high demand of referrals in the Bay.